Morningside House Montessori SchoolAs parents we know that a child’s first years are paramount. They are establishing a foundation of learning for the rest of their lives. The Montessori classroom is designed to encourage a child’s independence and confidence in the business of learning and discovery. The classroom is a carefully prepared environment with practical life, sensorial (spacial awareness, math preparation), botany, zoology, language, reading and cultural studies. The montessori materials are designed as a careful progression of self correcting works…they engage the child while developing life long learning skills.

A Montessori teacher is trained to observe the natural interests of the child and guide the child through the prepared environment. As a child works through the sequence of classroom activities (work) they gain a sense of accomplishment which builds independence, concentration and awareness. These ‘works’ are the process of a child gaining independence and intrinsic motivation to discover “what’s next?” Thus, a child learns through the work at hand.


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