Your child will have a specific day to celebrate their birthday at school with their classmates. We will post a calendar shortly. This celebration will include spotlighting the child in front of their AM or PM class (Full-Day & Kindergarten students will celebrate their birthday with the AM class). Parents of the birthday child(ren) can join the class for the little celebration at the following times: 

8:15 amTinyz class, Miss Jane’s AM/Full-day/Kindergarten class

2:00 pmMiss Jane’s PM class

On the day of your child’s scheduled celebration, you are welcome to bring a birthday favor or trinket, although it is not a requirement.  We ask that you please do not bring an edible treat.

Likewise, we invite birthday children to bring a photo for each year of their life here on earth (i.e. when they were born, their 1st year, their 2nd year, etc. until the age they are turning). They will share those with the class on the day of their celebration. 

If you have any questions, please contact Miss Linda at