Morningside House Montessori SchoolThe Montessori classroom is designed to incorporate practical life, sensorial (learning through the senses), mathematics, language, botany, zoology, geography, cultural studies, art, and music.

The Morningside Montessori classrooms are designed for children ages 2-3 (Tinyz) and a fully equipped, authentic 3-6 (Children’s House). 

A child’s capacity to learn with  independence and become self-directed is limitless.

Morningside House Montessori SchoolThe environment in a Montessori classroom is carefully prepared with this capacity in mind. A child at age 3-6 is, guided to choose and free to work with the materials that are scientifically designed to teach a child through movement and tactile discovery (as children are meant to learn).  The classroom is carefully prepared to give the child a rich learning experience in the most essential early years.

Trained Montessori teachers along with Montessori materials help to foster independence, concentration and increase curiosity, as well as prepare students to be life long learners. Mainstream materials and methods that limit self-learning and curiosity are not used.

Because music, art, and dance bring so much richness to our lives, these subjects are also explored on a daily basis. 


About the Teachers

Miss Jane has spent the past 30 years helping children discover their abilities and talents. She began her love of the Montessori method when she began homeschooling her own children 27 years ago in Oregon and in Colorado. As her last three children were in a public Montessori pre-K school, she began to seek for formal Montessori training. She trained and certified at Montessori Idaho Training Center in Idaho Falls, Idaho under Lori Roth, M.S.

Miss Jane spent her 2005-2006 internship year with Miss Donna Looze, M.S., MCI trainer, St Nicholas School, London England.

Miss Jane continues advancing her training and certifications through The Montessori Foundation (AMI), Northwest Montessori, and AMS. She loves the life long pursuit of learning and teaching by completing Montessori Courses in Special Needs, Math, Early Literacy, Observations and Art courses.

Miss Jane is also a trained birth doula, cranial-sacral massage therapist, as well as an Early Childhood Music and Movement teacher. She has studied at BYU, University of Utah, Portland State, PCC and ISU. She is the mother of nine children.

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Miss Mary was raised in Southern California and attended college in the Los Angeles area.  She worked as an airline stewardess for United Air Lines and loved to travel.  She lived in New York City, Chicago and Washington DC. 

She later got married and moved to Fallbrook, CA where she enrolled her own children in a Montessori school.  Enchanted by the materials and the philosophy, she volunteered to help in the classroom.  She was asked by the school’s directress to train to become a Montessori teacher.  After training she began working in the school and helped the school expand to preschool – third grade.  The community was interested in expanding the program again and Miss Mary was a part of that expansion, growing the school through sixth grade.  Her niche was always in the first through third class which where she initially certified.  She ‘retired’ from Montessori when her husband took a job in Pennsylvania. 

Upon her arrival in Pocatello she was impressed with the Morningside Montessori and with Miss Jane and the feeling in her classroom.  She welcomed the opportunity to teach and progress our school and is excited, honored and delighted to be a part of it.

Miss Jazminn grew up in different areas of Idaho and came to Pocatello to attend courses at Idaho State University. She began studying Elementary Education but later changed her area of focus to child development. While taking classes, Miss Jazminn worked with the young children at ISU’s Early Learning Center for a period of four years. Her calm and caring nature was prized in the infant and toddler classes. In December, 2014, she graduated with a degree in Early Childhood Care and Education. 
Miss Jazminn was a lead teacher at ELC for a year and started to feel there was a different type of education that would better suit her passion for guiding children. Miss Jane’s Morningside Montessori was brought to her attention and she quickly realized Morningside Montessori was the right path for her. Miss Jazminn is excited to be learning from Miss Jane and to be a part of a truly wonderful school community. She is taking online Montessori courses and looking forward to a summer certification program. 

Miss Alicia is on her 2nd year helping out at Morningside with the permaculture program and the cooking classes. She graduated from the Salt Lake Community College with an associates degree in their Apprentice Chef program and worked in a few restaurants before moving to Pocatello and becoming a full time Mom. She has homeschooled her children for 12 years, and loves getting to explore all sorts of subjects. This led her to an interest in permaculture and homesteading. At this time she is pursuing a certificate through Geoff Lawton’s Permaculture Design Course.

Miss Alicia was introduced to the Montessori Method through Miss Jane, and read through several books on the subject and sought to apply the principles in her own home school. After working at Morningside for a year she has seen that there is much more to understand about it than found in books, and one day hopes to pursue more Montessori training .

Miss Alicia resides on a little 5 acre “farm” near Gibson Jack with her wonderful Husband Rich and 5 of their 6 kids, along with many chickens, goats, ducks, rabbits, cats, dog, etc. She loves to be with her family, explore nature, draw, read and write poetry, dabble around in gardening and homesteading and read, read, read.

Miss Linda……